How To Kill an Idea, an Ideal

“No British judge on world court for first time in its 71-year history acceptance of a diminished status in international affairs.” - The Guardian ——-———————————————————————————— To millions around the world, Britain is an idea, an ideal. From its traditions and eccentricities, To its modelling of liberty and justice. Alas, the idea of Britain has... Continue Reading →

Cute Things My Students Say: Dinosaurs

Cute things I hear from teaching neophytes.   Me: So, what big animals can we find in the jungle? 7-year-olds in class: elephant...tiger...lion...dinosaur...monkey Me: Um, wait, no. Not dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are extinct. You know that, right? Pupil A: What's 'extinct'? Me: It means they don't exist anymore. There are no dinosaurs in the world now.... Continue Reading →

My essay ‘Dis-locations’ is published!

I'm very happy to share that my essay 'Dis-locations' is now published in the inaugural issue of Gordon Square Review, an online literary journal. I was also awarded the editorial mentorship; I wrote a reflection on the revision process, and Matt Weinkam, the prose editor, also wrote a mentor commentary. I am so surprised and over... Continue Reading →

Mr Happy loves to dance

Mr Happy loves to dance. He would dance at the drop of a song, “Even if (he has) nowhere to do it but (his) living room”: Just like Mary Schmich, the Chicago Tribune columnist behind The Sunscreen song, advises.   ‘What’s “The Sunscreen Song”, Mr Happy?’ asks Mr Strong. ‘Ah yes, I forget. You were barely... Continue Reading →

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