Is (it) necessary? On political satirist Armando Iannucci’s Open Uni speech

So, Armando Iannucci was at my graduation ceremony. He was one of the two honorary doctorate recipients from the Open University UK. The other was Eddie Izzard. Described as a comic writer or satirist, I knew Mr Iannucci best as the writer of my favourite political comedy The Thick Of It, and the creator of its... Continue Reading →


The food writer, Meera Sodha

One of my favourite writers right now is a food writer, Meera Sodha. She writes a column 'The new vegan' for The Guardian. Just to clarify, I'm not a vegan but I try and have more vegetables in my diet. What I like about her recipes is that they make me feel like a good... Continue Reading →

Today my student tells me…

Today my student tells me she wants to be a writer. My smile is caught in the abyss, the one between my head and my heart. This-this ambition, it could be, well I know it is, and I’m saying this without false modesty, I know it is partly down to me. * She’s 11. She... Continue Reading →

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