Mr Happy loves to dance

Mr Happy loves to dance.

He would dance at the drop of a song,

“Even if (he has) nowhere to do it but (his) living room”:

Just like Mary Schmich, the Chicago Tribune columnist behind The Sunscreen song, advises.


‘What’s “The Sunscreen Song”, Mr Happy?’ asks Mr Strong.

‘Ah yes, I forget. You were barely a gleam in your parents’ eyes in 1997.’

Little Miss Shy raises her hand, ‘What’s a gleam-?’

‘Ah, never mind. Here’s the link. Go on, click it. Does it still ring true?’


‘And have you followed the advice, Mr Happy?’ asks Little Miss Shy who’s no longer so shy.

‘Eh yeah, I try to. Some I’ve forgotten, but funny how I do remember some of it. Like to keep the friends who knew you when you were young, and how not to worry because the real problems are those that’ll  blindside you on an idle Tuesday afternoon.’

Mr Happy looks pensive for a moment.


‘Shall we dance, Mr Happy?’ asks Mr Strong, sensitively.

‘Yes! Let’s put on the Sunscreen Song.’

And so Mr Happy, Little Miss Shy and Mr Strong dance

A happy little dance.


Inspired by my McD’s Happy Meal and the manic-looking Mr Happy box that it came in.

via Daily Prompt: Dancing


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